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Welcome - friends only!

To be friended, please reply to this journal and tell me that you are a) of age in your country/state and b) aware of what mpreg is. This journal will have all of Cosmic's Mpreg fiction.

August 2008: All HP fics have now been added, and this journal won't be updated all that much. Currently 13 fics in total, plus a number of drabbles and some art.

January 2010: NCIS mpreg finished posting. Gibbs/DiNozzo, rated PG-13, 18 000 words.

January 2014: I am rarely on LiveJournal anymore, because I'm in med school and that takes up pretty much all of my time. I realize that it's annoying that you don't get access to the stories, however, this is the only way that works for me. I don't want the stories online without a password, and the other option is that I shut this account down and take down all the stories. So, it will probably take a few months before you have access, but that's the way it is.

If you do read my stories after getting access to this journal, I would love a comment or so. As it is, although I friend everyone sooner or later (often quite a bit later), I have absolutely no idea if anyone reads the stories, which makes me even more prone to not logging into this journal.

Anyway, enjoy the stories once you get access to them.

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